It’s all about Control…

You know, at some point in time we have all been upset with ourselves.  Maybe something didn’t go our way, or someone didn’t give us the chance that we thought we deserved.  We have all been there – staring in the face of a situation that made us feel less than we truly are.  Well in this episode, I want to talk about something that will help you push past that barrier and take back your ultimate power!

When things don’t work out in our lives as we expect, we have the tendency to become disappointed and upset.  We not only get upset with others, but we also get down on ourselves. This of course leads to a negative self-image and less productivity towards what we truly desire.  However, upon further reflection, if we take an inventory of our lives, we would clearly see that there were events that we controlled and things that we obviously did not.

Being able to tell the difference between what we do or do not control is critical to our success, personal motivation, and overall growth.  This makes an enormous difference in how we handle, interpret, and internalize situations.  Thus, taking away from or building up our self-image.

Surprisingly, the way to ultimately have control over our lives, is to realize that we do not control everything that happens in our lives.  A lot of times, this entails being able to admit to ourselves, our successes, and failures in an effort to improve.  It entails being willing to realize that someone’s responses and actions toward you is their problem, and not necessarily caused by a shortcoming within yourself.  Think of the following questions to get you focused on what you control:

1.  What do I control in my life?

2.  What do I control that will help me improve my life?

3.  What sacrifices am I willing to make to achieve what I want?

How many times have we blamed ourselves for bad relationships, jobs or other situations, thinking we were not good enough, or that if we were more likeable things would work out?  Well, in life, there are things that you control and things that you just cannot control…no matter how hard you try.  Realizing this fact makes the difference between a life lived in freedom, or a life lived in a self-imposed prison built of other people’s actions.

Remember, Peace comes when you do all that you can, and give the rest to God.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

Coach Dwayne L. is a Certified Life Coach. Feel free to Follow, Like, Comment, or email him at For more motivation please visit


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