Our Seasons Change…

By now, I hope you are well on your way to meeting your chief goal this year!  Something that will help you realize that goal is understanding the seasons of change in your life.

Everyone knows that the natural seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  However, very few people realize the power of their own personal seasons.  Personal seasons include Sadness, Happiness, Sorrow, and Joy.  Each season that you experience in your life makes you more of the person you need to be to obtain the goals that you have. Each season of our life brings a new opportunity for us to grow in areas that we didn’t grow or make progress in the previous season.  Now, granted…we may not like certain seasons in our life, but they are critical for our development.

Sadness is when we realize that our current life does not line up with our thoughts of a better life.  Sadness does not last long, but to move past this season – we have to realize that we can do better and engage in hope for ourselves and for our situation.  This changes our outlook and the season passes.

Happiness is the season that takes place when our thoughts are in synch with our reality.  This season exists to let us know that a better life is possible and that goals are reachable.  It substantiates our hope that we created in our season of Sadness.

Sorrow is the lowest season of change.  It happens when our hope has all but gone, and our strength needs to be regenerated.  Sorrow consumes us, and it is in this season that we comprehend our most life changing lessons.  We abide in this season until we begin to dig deeper within our soul to ignite our powerful faith towards a better situation.

Joy always comes after our lowest season.  Joy is the realization that we have overcome our test.  It allows us to truly appreciate what we have achieved.  To reach our Joy season, we have to be tenacious in holding on to our faith and our goals because hard work always paid off in this time of life.

Even though situations change, it is our thoughts, action, faith and hope that brings us through each season of life.  Your goal is there, and whatever season comes…you have what it takes to go through and become stronger in the process.

Remember,  understanding the seasons of life, helps you own your life instead of life owning you.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

Coach Dwayne L. is a Certified Life Coach. Feel free to Follow, Like, Comment, or email him at inspiredvisionsllc@yahoo.com. For more motivation please visit http://www.inspiredvisionsllc.wordpress.com


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