Wait for it….Wait for it….

Our society makes it almost impossible to wait for things…and it’s true, waiting can bring several negative aspects with it. There is very little debate about that. However, sometimes we must realize the value of waiting as it pertains to the accomplishment of your dreams and goals. Waiting is an inevitable event for everyone on this planet. So, since we have to wait on things in life anyway, let’s cover some principles that will enable you to make the most out of waiting and ultimately your goal attainment.

  1. FOCUS

Waiting is not all bad. For example, waiting on your goals, allow you to build on the failures and focus on triumphs in your life to build momentum toward your goal. Anyone who has ever achieved anything in life knows that it takes focus. Focus allows you to instantly eliminate everything that is irrelevant to you and your goal. And the best thing about it, is that it only takes a decision to focus. Without Focus, it is impossible to achieve your goal. Focus gives us power to take action. The easiest way to learn to focus is by breaking things down to the smallest action possible and making a list of them. Then keep the list in front of you and work from the list.


In addition to Focus, in order to reach a goal you will need to learn another tool. That tool is Refocus. So, the questions to ask are…What is Refocus, and how do you do it? Refocusing is one’s ability to re-center him or herself of reasons of why they are doing what they are doing. It has little to do with the actions that need to take place for the goal. What’s important here is that you reconnect with your reasons for doing what you are doing. Refocusing not only motivates you and energizes to take action, it gives you the foundation of why the action is so important.


After you Focus and Refocus – now you are truly ready to take Action. Taking action is the only thing that brings you closer to your goal. But your actions are not the correct actions unless you are focused, refocused. Taking action is possibly the easiest part of this three step process because it is the culmination of what you need to do, and why you want to do it.

So use these three principles with care while waiting. They can help you achieve more with less, all while making the most out of your time.

Inspired Point of Power: Focus, Refocus, take Action!

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

Coach Dwayne L. is a Certified Life Coach. Feel free to Follow, Like, Comment, or email him at inspiredvisionsllc@yahoo.com. For more motivation please visit http://www.inspiredvisionsllc.wordpress.com or http://www.facebook.com/Inspiredvisionsllc


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