Foundation for Making Decisions

Often times in life, we feel like things are out of control. However, upon closer inspection, we can realize that we control more of our lives than we think. We do this according to the decisions we make on a day to day basis. Obviously, we cannot make the “right” decision at every decision point in our lives, but we can however make the decision for the right reasons.

Making decisions for the right reasons is more powerful than making the decision itself. The right reasons vary from person to person, but generally the principles involved are basically two. I hope to cover the two major principles for making decisions to help bring awareness to our thought process and give us more power in our decisions.


The first principle is love. So many decisions have been made for this reason. Take any relationship that you have been a part of and think how many decisions that you made because you loved that other person. Love is supposed to be a selfless action. It is truly the ultimate reason why we should do anything.  Love usually ranks as the top reason why you are making the decisions you make, whether it’s love for a person, love for God, or love of a certain status.

And that’s a good thing, because when Love is involved, there is less regret that comes after the decision is made.


The next principle I want to cover is fear. Fear is actually the opposite of love. However, it is definitely a reason people make the decisions they make. Fear ultimately takes away from the overall decision, because it limits your choices and your creativity. Fear makes you decide things for the short term. It’s almost always a selfish motive, and works against the love that is present in your life. Fear tends to keep you restricted in your thinking rather than living the free and enjoyable life you were meant to live.

So, whatever decision you make, it is normally based on one of these principles. Fear is only overcome by Love. The more you love, the less you fear. And please remember, the clearer and stronger your love grows for something, the better decisions you will make. The better decisions you make, the more control you have over your life.

Inspired Point of Power: Love Life, Live Life.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

Coach Dwayne L. is a Certified Life Coach. Feel free to Follow, Like, Comment, or email him at For more motivation please visit or


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